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Be Fearlessly and Unapologetically Yourself!

Now accepting clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida!

Hannah Smith

Licensed Professional Counselor (SC)

Life is hard. Asking for help can be even harder- especially when talking feels impossible. Maybe your world is nothing but silent anxiety- suffering with swirling thoughts and constant instability. Or maybe you are struggling to reconcile parts of yourself, compromising who you are for who you were told you should be. Maybe you feel lost in your own home, grieving that someone you love is now little more than a roommate. Maybe someone hurt and judged you for how you express yourself, even if that someone was you. Or maybe you just feel like something is missing and wish someone would just hear you for once!


You need someone who can listen- no matter where you are in life. You need someone who you can trust not to judge you- no matter what you bring into the room. You will find that here.

My passion is helping you rediscover the joy in your life. Whether you’re struggling with reconnecting to your partner(s) on a physical and emotional level; you’re struggling with overwhelming anxiety; or you’re just struggling with your day to day- I want to help.


  • Telehealth- Healing from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Individual Counseling

  • Couples Counseling

How does this work?

My work is affirming of all ways of being, means of self-expression, gender identities, sexual orientations, sexual and relationship styles, as well as actively sex positive. However you like to do it is exactly the right way.

Think of me as a facilitator for your growth. You are the only expert on your life, and I have the tools to help you get where you want to be. Counseling isn’t intended to be an authority telling you how to live your life, and I wouldn’t want to do that to you anyway. Our work will be collaborative and we will draw the map to your healing together.


Contact Me

The time is now. Stop waiting to feel better! Healing may be only one phone call away!

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