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Areas of Expertise

Lesbian couple celebrating after relationship therapy

LGBT+, Kink, Polyamory, and beyond affirming therapy

  • LGBT+ Affirmative Counseling

  • Alternative sexual expressions- BDSM, Kink, Leather, Fetish, M/s and D/s relationships, etc. No matter how you like to consensually love, you’re welcome here!

  • Alternative Relationship Styles- Polyamory, Swinging, “Open” relationships, and variations therein. You get to decide what your relationships look like.

BIPOC sex therapy client with short hair in a BDSM collarImage by 1MilliDollars

Sex Therapy

Heal from sexual dysfunction, sexual pain, lack of pleasure, communication issues, lack of intimacy, performance concerns, sexual behavior that feels like an addiction, or whatever else is getting in the way of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. This process uses talk therapy, mindfulness, and somatic techniques to help you experience better sex now!

The feet of a couple successfully completing couples therapy

Relationship Therapy/ Couples Counseling

When things get hard and you feel like nothing more than roommates, you need someone who can be the advocate for your relationship. We will all work together to help you heal from: infidelity/ affairs, loss of intimacy, boredom, poor communication, and more so you can all experience the kind of relationships you want.   

Music Time

Autism/ADHD/Neurodivergence Affirming Therapy

Navigating a world that often feels out of sync with your needs is exhausting. Your therapy should feel like a sanctuary, not another source of stress. We will prioritize your comfort, well-being, and autonomy every step of the way as you undertake your journey towards authenticity and fulfilling relationships.

(Eye contact is not required and stimming/movement is always welcome!)

Plus size larger bodied person sitting on a stool being authentically themselves

Fem/Women's Issues

Being a fem/woman can be intensely frustrating and confusing. People tell you when, how, and even if you should have a family. Employers treat you differently. You work twice as hard to get half as far. Your body is a topic of legislation. They way in which you present your woman-ness, the size of your body, the clothes you wear, your sexuality, the way you speak- is under constant critique no matter what you do. There are so many "rules" for how to live and they're all in conflict and changing constantly. Let's talk about how YOU want to live your life. 

LGBT+ Affirming Therapy
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Sex Therapy
Relationsip Therapy Couples Counseling
Womens Fem Issues
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